Important Things to Know About Selling on Amazon Before Listing an Item

Selling on Amazon can be quite exciting. In fact, several sellers, such as Brock Johnson, have had quite a bit of success doing this in the past. However, before getting started on Amazon, there are a few things that a person must know. Getting to know these things now, can ensure costly mistakes aren’t made.

The “Buy” Box

This is the box, located on a product detail page on Amazon, where a customer can start the actual purchasing process. This is how they will add an item to their actual shopping cart. This is a coveted position, and one selected by Amazon – it can mean a crazy amount of sales. To achieve a spot in this box, a seller needs to have a great history as an Amazon merchant, competitive offers and competitive pricing.

Fulfillment by Amazon

This is a program that allows a seller to send the items they have for sale to one of the fulfillment centers ran by Amazon. When customers purchase an item, then Amazon ships it. This is different from dropshipping because a seller has to provide the items being sold to Amazon (Amazon doesn’t supply them for the seller, like with dropshipping).

Little Known Listing Information

When it comes to selling on Amazon, there are some things that new sellers aren’t aware of. For example, a product is only able to be listed one time, from the same seller, in the Amazon catalog. Also, new sellers can’t access all the shipping options (like two-day shipping) until they have an established merchant account.

Something else sellers may not realize is that they don’t get to set the shipping price. In fact, Amazon figures out what they believe an item should ship for, based on several different factors.

Taking the time to learn the things listed here will help a new seller fully understand the Amazon selling process. Those who are looking for even more information can turn to Brock Johnson. Here they can find other vital information about selling on Amazon and why this is a smart option when it comes to all the online platforms available.


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